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What salespeople do and what people think they do are often very different things.  Selling is a challenging job.  What can you do to make it easier? Many sales consultants say that selling has a certain number of steps and you must accomplish certain objectives in each step. But that’s not enough information to improve sales performance! You have to know how to create rapport, how and what strategic questions to askand how to close business.  The mission of Best@Selling is to show youhow so that you can be YOUR best at selling.

Best@Selling offers you new ideas so you know how to develop your own successful sales strategy and sales skills. The articles and information are drawn from over 25 years of sales experience. Best@Selling has  delivered sales programs to corporations and trade associations with thousands of sales professionals and achieved improved sales results. There are common challenges that sales professionals face.  Best@Selling works with you to take the ideas and channel them into your unique sales process.  This site offers many ideas on how to make that happen.  Best wishes for your selling and business success.

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Sales professionals create satisfied customers by demonstrating cost savings and value generated.

Sales is common sense, but common sense sometimes isn’t common.

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